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Lump in my throat

Lump in my throat

Noticing a lump in throat is always disheartening. You must been really concerned with what exactly it is. Well, a lump in my throat is commonly known as tonsil stones, also referred as tonsilloliths. Tonsil stones are hardened particles of debris that gets stuck inside your tonsil crypts. Symptoms of tonsil stones include bad breath, feeling of a lump in throat, coughing up small stink balls and foul smell near your nose area.

I used to wonder why I keep getting a lump in my throat? People get lump in throat because of several reasons. Many of the reasons are unexplainable, but there is a way to get rid of them. You can remove tonsil stones by coughing it out, gagging or even using a curved tip syringe. These methods will provide temporary relief of tonsil stones. However, keep in mind these rocks will continue to grow back. And you will continue to have this foul bad breath.

A lump in throat is caused when the holes in your tonsil are open, and food particles gets stuck inside the holes. Some people have larger holes than others, so they are more prone to get tonsilloliths. When food gets stuck inside the tonsil holes, it ferments and rots and becomes stinky. Which is the reason why they smell so bad. Can you imagine leaving garbage out of weeks, eventually they rot and smells your entire house. Now you can imaging how bad my mouth smelt when I used to have a lump in my throat.

Please be aware that when you kiss someone, the foul smell also comes across to the other recipient. So make sure you chew gum when you do have a lump in throat, because although you might not notice how bad it smells the other person does. I remember when I have a lump in my throat, I actually avoided kissing. I used to cover my mouth when I talked, because I can smell the foul stench through my nose but for some reason when I puff out breath it doesn't smell as bad. But I was just paranoid. I just wanted to get rid of them once and for all.

I mean I never used to have tonsil stones, so there must be a way that I can get back to those days when I never used to have them. What i did was visit medical doctors, herbalists, homeopaths and many other alternative medical professions. After paying hundreds of dollars to an uneventful outcome, I finally found someone that found the answer to why I kept getting lumps in my throat.

I was so shocked when he told me upfront exactly why I was getting them and how to prevent them coming back. I tried his method and to my astonishment the lump in my throat really went away. And it didn't come back!! i just couldn't believe it I suffered from this terrible condition for years. And now I don't get them anymore. I even wrote a whole book about my experience and how I got rid of these stones, you can check it out at this link lump in throat

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Tonsil stones bad breath

Tonsil stones bad breath

If you are suffering from bad breath, then there are a few reasons why you have this. The first reason is dental hygiene, probably a good time to go for a dental check up if you have bad breath. All the plaque has accumulated over time and its time for you to remove them by seeing a dentist. Another reason why you may have foul breath is because of tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones are little white stinky particles that get stuck on your tonsils and sometimes they get stuck in other places around your throat area which you can't physically see. Tonsil stones bad breath come hand in hand, because tonsil stones are actually hardened left over food that is stuck on your tonsils and over time the food ferments and starts to smell, which is the reason you have bad breath.

Tonsil stones bad breath is the most common symptom. If you are suffering from bad breath, then most likely you also have tonsil stones. I mean it could be dental hygiene, if you visit a dentist and then within 1 day your breath has that foul smell again, then it is most certainly you have tonsil stones. This is because even after cleaning your teeth, the problem does not lie in the teeth it lies in your tonsils, throat and nostrils.

There are several ramifications of having tonsil stones bad breath. Having this condition will affect your self esteem, social behaviour, self confidence, anxiety and worry. Can you imagine having bad breath all the time, it really ruins your self esteem and confidence. I had problems even when I talked to my friends and kissed my partner. My partner told me how come your breath still stinks after I just brushed my teeth. They was really really embarrassing.

If you are just like me, the unfortunate ones that suffer from tonsil stones bad breath. Well I got some news for you, don't be too disheartened. Because there is a solution. There is a secret remedy that I discovered after trial and error, then not only eliminates tonsil stones immediately. It prevents them from coming back for good. The ingredients you can buy easily from supermarkets. You just can't believe how simple and easy it is to do. And you can really say good bye to tonsil stones forever. You can check out my website and read my about my story here

Tonsil Stones Remedies

How to get rid of tonsil stones

Get rid of tonsil stones

How to get rid of tonsil stones

When you open your mouth and notice a white smelly rock sitting on your tonsils, then i got some news for you, this is just the start of some years of bad breath and anxiety. What you will probably do is go online and try to figure out what exactly is growing on your tonsils. After a few minutes of research online you will soon discover that what you actually have is something called tonsilloliths, or some people call it tonsil stones. So how do you get rid of tonsil stones? That is the million dollar question...

There are several ways to banish tonsil stones, one way is you can try to cough out the stone. Gagging and trying to use your throat to squeeze out the stone does in fact work sometimes. Another way to get rid of tonsil stones is by using a plastic curved tip syringe also called waterpik to squirt it out with water. Almost like rinsing it out of the hole it is stuck in. How to get rid of tonsil stones is by filling up the syringe with water, point it at the stone and then fire with water. That normally dislodges the stone immediately. If your tonsil starts to bleed then you should stop completely. Its not meant to bleed, the water is meant to be just enough to dislodge the tonsillolith.

These methods I just mentioned are ways to banish tonsil stones, but it doesn't get rid of tonsil stones forever. These foul smelling rocks will keep returning until you find out the underlying reason why your body is forming them. How to get rid of tonsil stones permanently involves holistic natural remedies. Which is the permanently way to stop these tonsilloliths forming.

Don't give up just yet, you are minutes away from learning how to get rid of tonsil stones from your life. Soon you will discover this simple and easy method to banish tonsil stones for good. I've helped thousands of people all around the world get rid of tonsil stones, its been almost 4 years now since I've written this book. And it really has helped alot of people get back their confidence and get their health back on track. So I hope you give yourself a chance to banish tonsil stones and get rid of tonsil stones permanently. Please visit my website for more information how to get rid of tonsil stones.

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Tonsilloliths also known as tonsil stones, tonsiliths and tonsil rocks looks like white lumps that can be squashed. When squashed the stones emits a very bad smell. Almost unbearable. These stones form on your tonsils and sometimes near your nostrils and down your throat. Many people however do not see the tonsil stones on their tonsils. Many people will only see it when it detaches itself from somewhere down the throat and you surprise yourself with a little smelly ball in your mouth.

So what exactly are tonsilloliths? They are made up of a mixture of things including bacteria, calcified particles and rotting debris. They get stuck inside your tonsil crypts which are holes inside your tonsils. Everybody has tonsil crypts but sometimes food gets stuff inside those wholes and it accumulates and turns into this foul smelling white substance which stinks your breath.

Some people get a tonsillectomy to stop the tonsilloliths in forming. However I don't that is the long term solution. I have heard from many customers that still get tonsilloliths even though they had their tonsils taken out. This is because the tonsil stones also gets caught elsewhere around the throat and nose which you cant see, but smell.

Cutting your tonsils out, does not solve the underlying reason why you are getting tonsilloliths in the first place. There is something that is not in balanced for you to get tonsil stones and not everybody else. And you need to resolve the underlying problem with your body in order to stop tonsil stones from returning.

When you think about it? You didn't get tonsilloliths before right? It is just recently or in your adult life that you are getting them? Well, something isn't right and you need to resolve this. Because your health is the most important part of your life.

And although it is a common thing to have them, it does not mean you need to suffer for the rest of your life with them. There is a way out. There is a solution to tonsil stones. And I have discovered this after trial and error on myself. But i'm glad I did the trial and error because I am now tonsil stone free. And i also hope you will be free of tonsil rocks. So if you also want to learn how to eliminate tonsilloliths then please check out my website at to grab yourself a copy of my tonsil stones remedies book.

Tonsil Stone Remedies

How To Prevent Tonsil stones

How To Prevent Tonsil stones

Tonsil stones also commonly known as tonsilloliths are these bad smelling rocks that seem to just appear in your mouth or some people get them stuck in their tonsils. Sometimes you can even cough them out especially when they are huge. They stink like rotten eggs and look like clumps of white yellowish balls. Not many people know how to prevent tonsil stones from returning.

Many people know how to eliminate tonsilloliths, that is by coughing it out, gagging, using a waterpik and other ways. But those ways only solve the problem for that day, because in my experience once you get rid of these stones they will keep coming back unless you learn the secret to prevent tonsil stones.

The key to prevent tonsil stones lies in holistic natural remedies. I believe that Western medicine does not solve the problem of tonsil stones. There are many health issues that can only be treated by holistic medicine, using alternative medicine such as acupuncture, cupping, candle waxing and remedial massages.

For years I have suffered from tonsilloliths, and never knew why I was getting them. Tonsil stones can ruin someone's self esteem, it can ruin relationships, it can cause social problems. And it might sound extreme, but that is the truth. Having bad breath everyday, is extremely embarrassing. Can you imaging kissing someone that has extremely bad breath, and it doesn't matter how many times brush your teeth it still smells. Well, if you won't want to kiss anybody like that, then you will understand how it feels for someone else to kiss you with such bad breath.

Sometimes you think it doesn't smell THAT bad. But that's because you've immune to it. Many people cannot smell their own bad breath.

I have taught thousands of people around the world just like you how to prevent tonsil stones. I have written a book called " Tonsil Stones Remedies" that has been an international success. I still get emails from customers around the world telling me how I have helped them, and that they are so glad to have banished tonsil stones from their life.

I have revealed the step-by-step guideline to removing tonsil stones in my book, which only costs $14.97 for a downloadable eBook. This means that within minutes you are on the way to preventing tonsil stones from coming back to your life. This price of this book is to cover advertising costs and other costs when having an online website. So grab yourself a copy of this Ebook now, you are only minutes away from a tonsil stones free life!

Tonsil Stones Remedies

Tonsil Stones Treatment

Tonsil Stones Treatment

Tonsil Stones Cure

What is the most popular method for tonsil stones treatment? Well, lets firstly discuss what exactly is tonsil stones. Tonsil stones also known as tonsilloliths is a harden white foul smelling rock that gets stuck on your tonsils. Sometimes if you cannot see the stone in your tonsils, it is hidden up your nostrils or further down your throat where you cannot see it. So is there a tonsil stones cure?

Well, that is why I am here. I have suffered from tonsilloliths for years. It was so horrible, I was always paranoid about my breath and it was disturbing me why I am the only way that gets it. Until when I went online and realised that there are also many people just like myself that suffers from this condition.

I too, have asked myself many times is there a tonsil stones cure? What is the tonsil stones treatment? Well, after suffering this for years, I plucked up the courage to finally speak to my doctor about it. I was referred to a specialist. Surprisingly the specialist told me its a very common thing. He told me that the only way to eliminate them was get a tonsillectomy.

Cutting my tonsils out? But I need my tonsils! that was my reaction.

I came here to see him to get the tonsil stones cure, the tonsil stones treatment. Not an answer to cut a part of my body out.

I believe that mother nature gave us our tonsils for a reason and I was not just gonna cut it out because i was growing these horrible tonsil rocks.

Anyway, so what happened next was I booked appointments to see naturopaths and homeopaths, so I can get the tonsil stones cure. I knew deep inside that there is a tonsil stones treatment somewhere out there. But I just had to find out myself.

After months of trying different remedies, and losing money here and there.. I finally found the single home remedy that actually got rid of my tonsil stones. And they didn't return! it was something so simple and so obvious, only the herbalist could see. And it wasn't dental hygiene. It was analysing my body and finding out what exactly was triggering the stones. He looked into my mouth and looked at my different organs, and in 5 mins he knew the answer to why I keep getting these smelly stones.

If you are also suffering from tonsilloliths and want to get rid of them, you can read more about my story from my website. I have written a book on the secret to remove tonsil stones on this website:

Tonsil Stones Removal

Tonsil Stones Removal

Removing Tonsil Stones

Removing tonsil stones is actually quite an easy task. If you look down your throat and you can see a white rock or tonsil stone then you know you have tonsil stones. Puff some breath into your hand, you will notice that your breath if quite foul as well. A lot of people always ask how what is the trick to tonsil stones removal.

Well here it is. Tonsil Stones Removal

There are a few ways to removing tonsil stones, the first way is you can try to cough it out. However, this might hurt your throat and coughing it up may not get rid of all of it.

Gagging is also a very common way for tonsil stones removal. What you have to do is try to spit out the tonsil stone. You almost need to use a lot of strength in your muscles and try to squeeze, coughing at the same time to get it out. I've tried this several of times before, this does actually work at times. However, sometimes my throat hurts so much after doing it i don't see that its worth it.

The truth is that tonsil stones normally just fall out by itself. Usually after 2 weeks of noticing it, if you look back into your throat you don't see it anymore. Unless you are really really unlucky and the stone is so hard it doesn't fall out by itself.

So if you are one of the unlucky ones then using a waterpik syringe is an effective way for removing tonsil stones. You might have heard this term before, but it is actually a plastic syringe but curved at the tip.

The curving at the tip of the syringe squirts out high pressure water for tonsil stones removal.

So where can you actually get a waterpik syringe? Well a lot of dentists stock them, but they may not give it to you for whatever reason. If you cannot get yourself one then you can purchase one from this link:

Tonsil Stones Removal

Using this waterpik is a temporarily relief for removing tonsil stones. However, please note your tonsil stones will return. The waterpik will only dislodge the stone, but after a month or so it grows back. Now you might be wondering, well, how do i prevent it from coming back permanently?

Well the simple answer is in holistic home remedies. I suffered for years of tonsil stones, and after visiting a chinese herbalist and following his guidance I managed to successfully eliminate and remove tonsil stones from my life not just the one time but permanently. I am now finally free of that foul smell I constantly got around my nose area and not afraid to kiss anymore.

I have revealed the secret to permanently preventing tonsil stones in returning, you can visit my website and even ready my testimonials on successful stories. Here is my website:

How To Remove Tonsil Stones

How To Remove Tonsil Stones
Believe it or not, but more and more people around the world are suffering from tonsil stones. The problem is actually a nuisance to many. People will always come on the internet to search for tonsil stones how to remove.

There are quite a lot of good websites around that will answer this problem. But there are also several that will not. Tonsil stones how to remove them is easy. There are several ways, let me firstly explain the first way.

Well, you can firstly physically remove the tonsil stones by gagging, coughing, sticking your finger down your throat, or by using a syringe to squirt it out. Not any syringe will do, a waterpik is the most common way to eliminate tonsil stones.

But the problem with disposing the tonsil stones is that they always end up coming back. Its almost like you have this constant problem and your breath stinks all the time. Trust me, I know how you feel. Been there just like you before. Always trying to find the answer to tonsil stones how to remove on the internet.

Believe it or not, after years of researching I actually finally found the permanent solution to ending tonsil stones. And it wasn't by surgery. It was actually through natural remedies that I discovered from a Chinese herbalist. The solution was so simple and easy but highly effective.

It involved a dietary change in what I was eating. I didn't know that consuming these certain foods was given me the stones everyday. I followed the guidelines that my herbalist told me and weeks later my tonsil stones were gone. And they didnt come back. For years I suffered from these stones and I really cannot believe something so simple did the trick in preventing my tonsil stones returning.

I am so glad that I finally got rid of my tonsil stones, if you also want to learn how to get rid of them then you can read my book that I wrote. It will solve all your worries, please click this link: tonsil stones how to remove